2022 is “Greatest of All Trips” year for Expedia

Shayan Afridi

Washington DC: Expedia, a travel metasearch engine hopes to make 2022 the GOAT (Greatest of All Trips) year for its users by bringing the whole world to consumers fingertips. Through travelers can choose to go to any part of the world using any sort of transportation they like whether plane or cruise and they can stay in any kind of place they like whether a luxury hotel or small apartment and they can even book the vehicle the want to drive around.

Beside, the company also owns Vrbo,,, Orbitz, Travelocity, Trivago and According to travel experts, the prospect of a recovery for the travel sector could favor Expedia Group Inc. in year 2022, after terrible two years of Corona pandemic which left most of the people confined to their homes.

 Expedia has also announced coming back to the Super Bowl, offering hope to those who yearn to be back on the beach. The Seattle-based online travel giant has confirmed that it plans to advertise for its and Vrbo brands during the broadcast for Super Bowl next month, which is the most expensive time for any brand to advertise. “It will be the first time in years that Expedia has advertised during the big game” said Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern. Kern further said that Expedia’s advertisements during the Super Bowl are vote of confidence in Travel Sector.

According to research sixty eight percentAmericans are planning to go big on their next trip and many of them are eyeing international destinations such as Rome, Bali, London and Paris in 2022. Expedia is calling this new “no-regrets” style of travel the “GOAT” (Greatest Of All Trips) mindset.   This GOAT mindset is letting travelers to accumulate rewards across its various brands of Expedia.

According to John Mitchell, a frequent traveler, where we book does matter and using Expedia gives travelers the confidence that they will not be ripped off. “Getting ripped off during a vacation with your family is the last thing you want” John added.

Another frequent traveler Liz English while talking to Yum Yum News said that “On Expedia you can book your ticket, hotel and rental car, what else can we ask for?”

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