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7 Low-Effort Food Pairings Suggested By Reddit Users

There are days when we can whip up a lavish three course meal in the comfort of our own homes. And there are other days when all we want to do is put together a basic meal with minimal effort.

When hunger pangs strike at odd hours and we simply don’t have the patience to cook something from scratch, we often resort to some simple snacks and food pairings. These are classic pairings which go well together and take minimal effort to put together. This was the subject of a recent Reddit discussion in the sub-Reddit r/EatCheapAndHealthy. Take a look:

Reddit users offered their own inputs on the question posed in the sub-Reddit, which received over 4.3k upvotes and 1.9k comments since it was shared. From yogurt to bread, rice to fruits – there were plenty of interesting food pairings which required minimal fuss and yielded maximum good taste. We’ve picked some of the best ones for you! 

Here Are 7 Low-Effort Food Pairings Suggested By Reddit Users:

1. Greek Yogurt and Blueberries

Hung curd or greek yogurt is often paired with fruits to make a healthy, low-calorie and nutritious snack. Simply put the two together and your food pairing is good to go!


Yogurt is a probiotic that can boost your gut health, and requires minimal fuss to prepare. 

2. Sunny Side Up and Rice

A popular dish in many Asian countries, egg rice is a much-loved combination. Crack open an egg in a greased pan and pair it with hot steamed rice to give a classic, evergreen food pairing as suggested on Reddit.

3. Hummus and Vegetable Sticks

The versatile Lebanese dip Hummus makes for a delightful pairing with practically anything – from vegetable sticks to Pita bread to even slices of fruit.

4. Peanut Butter Toast

Another low-effort pairing, peanut butter and freshly toasted bread is something you just can’t go wrong with. Jelly can also be added to this simple and quick food combination suggested by Reddit users.

There are few things as satisfying and delicious as peanut butter toast.

5. Strawberries and Dark Chocolate

Strawberries are great sources of antioxidants and vitamins, and can be made into a delicious dessert when dipped in molten dark chocolate. Quick, easy and simply droolworthy!

6. Vanilla Protein Shake and Orange juice

Not many people know that vanilla protein shake and orange juice can actually go quite well together. This drink by Reddit users will satiate your hunger pangs and is practically no fuss.

milk or orange juice for breakfast
Orange juice can make a wonderful pairing with vanilla shake. 

7. Cottage Cheese and Tomatoes

Our humble cottage cheese, aka Paneer, was voted by Reddit users as another low-effort food pairing with tomato. Whether as a salad or grilled as a snack, this is one combination we are all familiar with!

So, next time you are searching for something simple and quick to whip up – take your pick from these yummy food pairings. We bet you’ll come back to them soon!

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