Afridi takes CJ and Expedia to court  

Afridi takes CJ and Expedia to court  

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Arlington,Virginia: The CEO of The Frontier Post LLC in America and Director of The Frontier Post in Pakistan, Muhammad Jalil Afridi has taken Commission Junction and Expedia to court while claiming that companies owe him thousand of dollars in shape of commission which he had earned after selling hundreds of products of Expedia, a renowned traveling Platform. 

Afridi filed a civil case against both of these companies, while summoning their CEO’s in the District Court Arlington, where the date of hearing is fixed for May 10th,2022. Notices are send to Mayuresh Kasheteamade, CEO of Commission Junction and Peter M Kern of Expedia. 

According to Jalil Afridi, Commission Junction is hiding its failure to monitor the click reports of advertisers but according to their own platform each transaction is reported on daily basis and it is done through placing a code on advertiser’s shopping cart. “Thousands of tickets and hotel bookings were made through Expedia and after two months CJ tells me that these transactions didn’t occur” Jalil Afridi said. He further said that transactions can be easily verified if the advertiser provides their bank statements but CJ doesn’t have the courage to mum a word to their advertisers. “CJ needs to learn that both the advertiser and publisher deserves equal respect” Afridi added. He also said that these companies not only refused to pay but also CJ closed his account without any proof of wrong doing. 

Jalil Afridi further said that CJ is even giving bad name to its parent company Publicis, who is well respected around the world for its professional work. “How can you blindly trust an advertiser and humiliate a publisher without any proof or evidence” Afridi questioned. It is pertinent to mention here that this is the second time Afridi has taken CJ to court, where as on the previous occasion, out of court settlement was made by both the parties. 
Jalil Afridi claims that he has introduced a niche marketing trend to CJ and that is why they are all confused. “CJ closed my account once earlier as well and then I took them to court and out of court settlement was made” Jalil added. He also said that CJ needs to introduce better technology if it is really interested to know the clicks. 

It is pertinent to mention here Jalil Afridi’s advertisement agency, JM Advertising has worked with some of the world’s leading brand such as Nestle, Emirates Airlines, Moneygram, Olpers, Bata and many more. 

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