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Art as a ray of hope: Bamyan girls turn to painting

BAMYAN (TOLO News): In Bamyan, several girls who have been deprived from schooling have found solace and opportunity in the arts—specifically painting, engraving, and calligraphy.

These young artists report that selling their creations enables them to contribute financially to their families.

They are also advocating for better facilities and more suitable spaces to nurture their artistic talents, seeking attention from local authorities to improve their conditions.

Marzia, who is deprived of schooling, says she paints her dreams on blank paper and funds her family’s expenses through selling them.

This girl, who dropped out in the eighth grade, is calling for the reopening of educational opportunities and the creation of better conditions in the arts for girls.

“It has been a year since I started drawing various paintings. Since I missed out on school, I’ve created this hobby for myself, and I want it to be a source of income in the future,”Marzia told TOLOnews

Two female graduates of painting and engraving have established a vocational training ground in a corner of Bamyan city for many girls who were left out of school.

Marzia Sadat, a teacher, said: “We have created this opportunity for girls who have been left out of education, to keep them engaged and to create a source of income for them.”

Sediqa Jafari, another teacher, stated, “The purpose of establishing vocational painting education for these girls is to teach them the art of painting and to help them earn income in the future.”

The head of information and culture in Bamyan pledged support for artistic activities in the province.

Safiullah Raed, head of Information and Culture of Bamyan, said: “We send Bamyan artists to exhibitions held in Kabul and support their artistic activities with all our might.”

Handicraft production, fish farming, beekeeping, dairy processing, painting, calligraphy, and pyrography are among the most important activities for women in Bamyan, and through these, they support the living expenses of their families.