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Cakes and Bakes proven not guilty in unhygienic food scandal

A video has been circulating on social media in which it is being propagated that an ‘object’ has been found inside a product at one of Pakistan’s top bakeries, Cakes and Bakes. 

Cakes and Bakes released video footage where it can be seen that a customer — who later complains to Cakes and Bakes about a ‘mouse’ found in the product he bought — buys the product of his choice from the counter.
After some time, the same buyer returns along with his family and makes a complaint. 

A Cakes and Bakes office representative, talking to SAMAA Digital, shared some facts about the scandal and termed it purely a malicious campaign against the renowned bakery. 

He said that maintaining quality standards is Cakes and Bakes’s top priority, and the company strictly adhere to a no-tolerance policy on hygiene and quality.

“The company will take legal action against those involved in making false allegations against Cakes and Bakes,” he stressed.

Mirpur Deputy Commissioner also took notice of the incident and the video that was being circulated on social media. On Mirpur DC directions, the local administration visited the bakery and inspected the record of the food supply.

Cakes and Bakes in a statement said: “We are disappointed to see baseless allegations regarding Cakes & Bakes MirPur that could undermine the trust we’ve worked so hard to establish with our community. However, when faced with false accusations that can impact our brand’s integrity, we must take decisive action to protect our reputation and the interests of our stakeholders.”

“In light of these circumstances, Cakes & Bakes has formally notified the individuals responsible for these false allegations and required immediate removal of the inaccurate content. We believe in fostering open dialogue and encouraging constructive criticism, but false and damaging statements cross the line,” the statement further reads.

The statement further reads that while we remain open to resolving this matter amicably, we want to make it clear that if the false allegations are not removed today, we will have no choice but to pursue legal action to safeguard its reputation and the interests of its stakeholders.

Courtesy: Samaa