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Charsadda’s mota chawal attracts foodies to beat coldness

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Commonly known as Mota Chawal (large rice), the special variety of Charsadda district here Saturday attracted a substantial number of foodies to beat the cold wave that griped Peshawar Valley since last two days.

The lovers of special variety thronged its outlets at Peshawar’s Firdus area enjoying its delectable taste besides many are taking its parcels for loved ones at homes in the rainy weather.

“Charsadda mota chawal is my favorite dish due to grilled spicy meat full of energy and whenever I come to Peshawar I enjoyed the mouthwatering cuisine at Qissa Khwani besides taking its parcels amounting to Rs 300 for family,” said Pir Muhammad, a retired PST teacher of Nowshera district while taking to APP.

Known as land of hospitality, the KP’s traditional cuisines including Mota Chawal, Chapli Kabab, Roush, Mutton Karahi, Pate Tikka and Chicken Painda outlets drew influx of foodies in Peshawar where torrential rains continued with intervals.
Besides its shops in Firdus, Board, Namak Mandi and Qissa Khwani, the vendors of Mota Chawal could be seen on both sides of GT between Peshawar-Charsadda-Mardan.

‘I have inherited the art of preparation of Charsadda Chawal from father and today my son is also master of it” said Riaz Khan, a seller of Mota Chawal at Pabbi bazaar.
About its receipe, he said first meat was cut into big pieces and that ginger-garlic paste, salt, tomatoes, red chillies, black cardamom, turmeric powder, coriander, cumin, curry leaf and garam masala were mixed and put on flame for nearly 30 minutes before including onion and oil.

He said when it’s colour change to golden brown the flame was turned off and the delicious rice was ready that could be served with yogurt, raita or even pickle.
He said that today, the famous Charsadda Mota Chawal and Cappli Kabab are on the menu of KP restaurants.

Hazrat Ullah, the owner of Mohmand Toray Kabab at Firdos bazaar Peshawar told APP that people from across the country come here to eat Mota Chawal and Chapli Kabab especially during winter to enjoy purity of meat and freshness of components being used in its preparations.

Despite the introduction of many western foods and snacks’ varieties, he said the popularity of Mota Chawal and Chapli Kababs have not decreased in the province where its demand was increasing with each passing day especially during rainy days.
He said sale of ‘Mutton Karahi’ also known as Karhi Ghost, Dumba Karahi, Balti Ghost and Dumpukhat Karahi have also increased due to rainy weather.

“I frequented visited Charsadda with family members to eat Mota Chawal and lamb Karahi being cooked on medium flame of firewood “, another food lover Kamal Khan of Nowshera said.

Charsadda Mota Chawal is affordable than Peshawari rice polao that is why the former was being prefered by low income groups in marriages, birthday parties and other functions.

They said Govt patronage and its proper projection through digital media could give boost to this traditional food of Charsadda. (APP)