Does your child find a glass of milk boring? Here’s how to make it more appealing and nutritious

Does your child find a glass of milk boring? Here’s how to make it more appealing and nutritious

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How many times have you had to run after your child to get her/him to drink milk? So many times, isn’t it? Well, children can be fussy eaters, therefore it is very challenging to deal with them, especially when it comes to making them drink milk. They hate to drink milk and if you force them, they tend to gulp or swallow all the milk in one go. 

But forcing your child is not going to solve the problem. Milk provides energy plus many essential nutrients which are needed for a child’s growth and that’s why it’s important to make them drink milk daily. The solution, you ask? Well, you will have to make milk more appealing to them. Find the varieties or add some ingredients to the milk instead of serving plain milk. 

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When HealthShots got in touch with Dr Badshah Khan, consultant pediatrician, Wockhardt Hospital Mira Road Mumbai, he suggested flavoured milk. According to the expert, natural ingredients can add taste to plain milk, helping you to make less effort while offering milk to your toddler. In fact, this will make your kid’s glass of milk more nutritious, healthier and tastier.

Try these suggestions to make milk more appealing to your child:
1. Almond milk

Dr Khan says, “Almond milk can prove to be one of the healthiest milks for your child, as it helps the digestion process and strengthens muscles and bones.” Almond milk is truly a powerhouse of nutrients. On top of this, it can keep your kid’s immune system strong. You can also add sugar or jaggery to make it healthier.

2. Carrot milk

Carrot milk is another good option among flavoured milk for your toddler. It is rich in vitamins and also consists of beta carotene, which is good for eyes, skin, and hair, says Dr Khan. You can boil the grated carrot with milk and serve it chilled with sugar or jaggery. This combination gives a good natural orange colour which easily attracts the eyes of children.

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3. Dates milk

We all know that dates are great in taste and packed with nutrition such as vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates. You will be glad to know that they are very helpful to keep your child warm during the winter season. 

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You can soak the dates overnight in warm water and blend the same with milk. You can serve it warm or chilled to your child.

4. Turmeric milk

Haldi, which is one of the medicinal ingredients, is infused with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and has the potential to boost our immunity too. Therefore, Dr Khan says, “Taking turmeric with milk can help prevent your child from coughing and getting a cold.”

5. Saffron milk

Among the plenty of home remedies that can help your kid’s body fight illnesses, one of them is saffron. Also known as Kesar, it is rich in Vitamin-A, B6, and C and can fight seasonal flu, strengthen bones and keep digestion better. 

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Boiling milk by adding a few threads of saffron gives good colour and taste as well. It can be sweetened by sugar or jaggery.  

6. Honey milk

Can honey be healthy for your children? Yes! Dr Khan says, “Honey milk proves to be nutritional and beneficial as it improves sleep quality, strengthens bones, and improves heart health.” 

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This sweet, golden nectar is packed full of healthy and helpful properties for growing kids. 

The last words:

Children can also be fed with milkshakes like a banana milkshake, chikoo milkshake, strawberry milkshake, and dry fruits can be added and instead of sugar. Even dates can be added as a sweetener.

For children above three years, nuts as a whole should not be fed. You can make a powder of the nuts and mix it in the milkshake. 

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