Dua Lipa confirms her split from Anwar Hadid

Dua Lipa confirms her split from Anwar Hadid

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LONDON: British singer Dua Lipa, in an interview, has confirmed rumours about her split from Anwar Hadid.

In a new interview with American Vogue, of which she is the June/July cover star, the singer has confirmed rumours that she has split from Anwar Hadid, and said she is currently focused on being “single and content to be so”.

“The next chapter of my life is about truly being good with being alone,” she said.

Elsewhere in the interview she recalled her school days and revealed that she has felt “anger towards the patriarchy” from a young age.

The Future Nostalgia hitmaker said she first learned to stand up for herself at school, at around age seven or eight, after being angered by the game Kiss Chase on the playground.

The singer explained: “Boys would start it and chase the girls around the playground, trying to kiss us.”

“So you’re running around and laughing, but it’s a nervous laughter. You don’t really know what’s happening, and you’re supposed to be like, ‘Oh, the boys fancy me.’ Like it was a game about winning their approval. I hated that.”

She said there eventually came a day where she “just wasn’t in the mood to run”, and she deployed a tactic to keep boys away and punish them if they came close.

“I don’t know how I picked it up, but when a boy would come near me, I’d say, ‘Yeah, come here’. And then I would pinch their shoulders like this,” she said, motioning with her fingers.

“Until they fell to their knees. That was the point when I started standing up to boys, and the boys started being scared of me.”

Dua Lipa went on: “I’ve always had this anger toward the patriarchy. I just never liked boys telling me what to do.”

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