Emmy Chocolate

Emmy Chocolate

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If you are on a diet and trying to beat chocolate cravings, try Emmy Chocolate, a Saudi chocolate brand offering only artisanal, high-quality, organic, vegan, and allergen-free chocolate.

With Emmy Chocolate’s rich flavors and healthy options, you don’t have to give up on either your tastebuds or your diet.

By only sourcing organic ingredients, the chocolate brand pays respect to both the planet and our health.

Emmy Chocolate produces chocolate from scratch in a variety of flavors, without using any artificial ingredients, flavors, or preservatives.

The brand’s options include 75 to 100 percent dark chocolate bars sweetened with coconut sugar, sugar-free chocolate bars sweetened with erythritol, and bonbons with different types of ganache, all made with raw cacao powder and cocoa butter from Europe. Any additives are either vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free or keto-friendly.

The creative designs of Emmy Chocolate’s products make them ideal for gatherings and special occasions.

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