Food Union launches cocoa ice cream bites

Food Union launches cocoa ice cream bites

Lauren Ford

Dairy manufacturer Food Union has released cocoa-glazed ice cream bites under its Latvian Pols brand, adding to its existing ice cream confectionary range.

The snow-inspired product, named Pols Snow Peaks, consists of milk chocolate-covered bites filled with vanilla ice cream.

Sandra Usacheva, Food Union ice cream brand manager, said: “This is about blurring lines of product categories and driving the innovation cycle with creativity. Food Union’s group of brands look to its connection with consumers to deliver highly unique ice cream experiences and creating a frozen confectionery that is the next level of innovation.”

Each box of bites contains a tray of 15 ice creams, weighing 210g.

The new ice cream bites are available on the Food Union online store in Latvia, with further roll out starting from November in large chain stores and select close-to-home shops throughout Latvia and Lithuania.

Courtesy: foodbev

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