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From Manchurian Maggi To Tandoori Maggi: Try These 5 Delicious Maggi Recipe For That Sudden Hunger

Are you also one of those people who stay up late at night? If you are, then we are pretty sure that you are always looking to eat something in the middle of the night. Whether it is crispy chips, bread, a scrumptious sandwich or anything else, we try to make the most out of the leftovers but still crave something more. And when that happens, the solution to solving our hunger problem is definitely 2-minute noodles! A spicy bowl of some yummy and hot maggi tastes best when we are super hungry. These noodles are easy and quick to make and even more delicious to have.

Maggi has been a part of our life since our childhood, and it’s fair to say that sometimes having that repetitive flavour can get boring for our tastebuds. But as we experiment with our favourite noodles, we have indeed come up with certain recipes that have won our hearts over the years. So, if you also want to give your maggi a new taste, then you are in luck as today we bring you a few maggi recipes that are easy to make and super delicious to have.

Here Are 5 Maggi Recipes To Try

1. Cheesy Maggi

If you love everything cheesy, then this maggi recipe is just for you. It is super easy to make and will surely fill your mouth with a mix of herbs and cheese. To make this recipe, first cook the noodles in the regular way. Then, when it’s half cooked, add some cheese to it and let it boil. At the end, garnish it with some oregano and enjoy!

A makeover to your masala maggi

2. Manchurian Maggi

Who doesn’t love some yummy Manchurian? And trust us, the taste of some spicy and tangy Manchurian in your maggi surely gives a burst of flavour. The ultimate taste of this Indo-Chinese curry will fill your kitchen with aroma and will satisfy your midnight cravings in no time. For the full recipe, click here.

Give an Indo-Chinese twist to your maggi

3. Makhani Maggi

As Indians, we love to have a rich, buttery and flavourful makhani. And trust us, mixing the spicy makhani with your maggi will give you a taste that you have never tasted before. The creamy gravy is made by blending onions, tomatoes, cashews and garlic. Then it is slow-cooked on a pan; once the boil comes, add your noodles to it. Mix and enjoy!

4. White Sauce Maggi

All of us have eaten the white sauce pasta, and we absolutely love the creamy and cheesy sauce. While this sauce is more popular to make in pasta or baked vegetables, today, let’s try to make some white sauce, maggi. For the base, make the sauce by mixing maida, milk, cheese, spices and herbs. Once it is done, toss in your boiled noodles and serve hot!

This maggi is creamy and cheesy

5. Tandoori Chilli Maggi

If the name of tandoori chilli maggi has intrigued you, then get ready for a flavourful surprise as this Maggi will fire up your palate. To make this yummy Maggi, first, toss in some veggies with garlic and cook them with soy sauce, red chilli sauce, vinegar, and the tastemaker. Once all the flavours combine, add the boiled maggi and enjoy once it’s coated with the sauce.

So, if you also love having maggi, then make these yummy variations and let us know which one you liked the best.

Courtesy: (ndtv.com)