Get your favourite vegetarian dishes at annual food fest

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Gourmands have four days left to enjoy vegetarian dishes or shop for vegetarian ingredients during the “Vegetarian Food Festival 2021”, which is running at the Gourmet Market and Gourmet Eats at Paragon, Emporium, EmQuartier and all branches of The Mall, until Thursday.

Featuring legendary hidden gems for vegetarian diners, the festival presents a variety of delectable dishes and a huge selection of quality raw materials and ingredients from well-known markets and shops, under three different themes.

The “Best Of J Famous” concept gathers over 125 signature dishes from 22 famous restaurants from well-known dining areas like Yaowarat, Talat Phlu and Sao Ching Cha as well as many other popular shops, at the Gourmet Eats Market Hall of Paragon.

They include fish maw in red gravy from Tang Jai Yoo restaurant, chwee kueh (steamed rice cake) from Jay Jeng Yaowarat, guay tiew lawd (rice noodles) and hor mok pudding from Mae Prapai shop, and rice porridge with a selection of side dishes from Plang Nam Rice Porridge shop.

The “Best Of J Legendary” is serving over 300 delicious dishes from 80 famous street-food shops at Gourmet Eats Food Court. Highlighted dishes include pad mee krached (stir-fried noodle with water mimosa) from Chaw Leng shop, deep-fried tofu from Sawasdee Taohoo Tod shop, gui chai (garlic chives dumplings) from Setthakit Village, and traditional Thai desserts from Yok Sod shop.

The “Best Of J Ingredient”, meanwhile, is offering more than 500 fresh and hygienic raw materials and ingredients for vegetarian cooking at all branches of Gourmet Market. They are sourced from six famous markets and renowned and legendary shops from all over the country. They include dried Chinese bamboo from Yaowarat market, white and yellow tofu from Saphan Mai market, ghanachai (pickled cabbage) from Baan Hin Gong market, and pickled baby ginger from Bang Khla market.

Courtesy: bangkokpost