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Health Benefits of Eating Mangoes

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KARACHI: Mangoes are beloved by all Pakistanis and to be honest, we don’t need many excuses to go ahead and devour them. However, the icing on top of this delectable fruit is that it boasts several health benefits.

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of 5 health benefits you can gain from eating mangoes.

  1. Helps in maintaining cholesterol level

Mangoes are rich in nutrients, particularly vitamin C, fibre and pectin. This makes it the perfect fruit to control high cholesterol levels.

  1. Helps clears your skin

Skin clarity is a consequence of treating your skin and your body as a whole right. This means what you eat directly impacts how you look. Mangoes help cleanse your body, clear your pores and clears your skin. So next time someone tells you mangoes will cause pimples don’t believe them!

  1. Helps alkalizing your body

Rich with tartaric, malic acid and citric acid, mangoes happen to be a great source of alkali for your body. This is essential for maintain the pH of your body, and a key component of sustained gut health.

  1. A great way to lose weight

As mangoes contain a blend of many nutrients and minerals, they are great at giving you a feeling of fullness which is perfect to avoid snacking. Furthermore, the high fibre content helps aid digestion and burns unwanted calories from the body.

  1. Prevents heat stroke

Mangoes and summer go hand in hand, but for more reasons than one. Eating mangoes cools you down instantly and leaves you less susceptible to heat strokes. So make sure as the heat rages on, you consume a mango or two a day!

There are a plethora more of health benefits that mangoes can provide. This list is just the tip of the iceberg. So make sure to incorporate this super fruit into your diet!