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How to Store Potatoes

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Potatoes are a staple food found in literally any type of cuisine in the world. However, a lot of times you may open your pantry to find that your potatoes have turned green or have sprouted? Here are some easy tips to avoid this.

Keep them cool, but not cold

Everyone knows not to keep potatoes out of direct sunlight and not to let them get warm, however the alternative is not to put them in the fridge. In fact this is just the type of thing you need to avoid. Cold temperatures can turn the starch in potatoes into carcinogenic substances, and it also makes the textures of the potatoes mushy.

Keep them dry

Don’t wash potatoes and store them. It may be very tempting to wash them immediately as they have been underground and are likely covered in mounds of dust. However, avoid doing this because you would be exposing the potatoes to moisture which will attract fungus.

Store in open container

Potatoes need airflow not to rot or attract fungus. Therefore, keeping them in a sealed bag or container is the worst possible thing that you could do. Make sure to store them in a basket of container that has holes to maximise airflow.

Keep away from other produce

This one sounds like a weird one but is actually the most important. You could do everything right, but if you store potatoes with other produce they will for sure rot. This is because when food ripens it releases ethylene into the air, which will cause the potatoes to sprout and soften.