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Istanbul Museum of Sculpture, Painting receives historic art collection donation

ISTANBUL (Agencies) : The Istanbul Museum of Painting, and Sculpture, Türkiye’s first and largest museum of plastic arts, has received the most extensive collection donation in its history as the Lale-Cengiz Akıncı couple, prominent collectors, have donated their long-standing collections to the museum in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

The exhibition “ARTI 700,” (which translates to Plus 700) featuring selected works from the initial part of the collection donation, met with artgoers on Sept. 2. The exhibition will be hosted at the temporary exhibition area of the museum and will be open for visits until Oct. 31.

The first 700 pieces from this donation, comprising carefully chosen works of Turkish painting, sculpture, and ceramics, not only enhance the richness of the museum collection but also bear historical significance due to its extensive scope.

The exhibited works allow for the tracing of the development of Turkish plastic arts from the early Republican era to the present day within a historical context. Ali Kayaalp serves as the curator of this stunning exhibition, with collection art consultancy provided by Ebru Nalan Sülün.

The inaugural exhibition titled “ARTI 700” includes 163 works by pioneering artists such as Halil Paşa, İbrahim Çallı, Sami Yetik, Hüseyin Gezer, Zeki Kocamemi, Ali Avni Çelebi, Hale Asaf, Zühtü Müridoğlu, Leopold Levy, Nuri Iyem, Ismail Hakkı Oygar, Aliye Berger, Avni Arbaş, Zeki Faik İzer, Nurullah Berk, Burhan Uygur, Naile Akıncı, Eşref Üren, Neş’e Erdok, Tiraje Dikmen, Cemal Tollu, Cevat Dereli, Nedim Günsür, Elif Naci, Ercüment Kalmık, Eren Eyüboğlu, Neşet Günal, Şükriye Dikmen, Ferruh Başağa, Utku Varlık, Turan Erol and many others.

The artworks at the Istanbul Museum of Painting, and Sculpture are displayed as part of
The artworks at the Istanbul Museum of Painting, and Sculpture are displayed as part of “Artı 700” exhibition, Istanbul, Türkiye, Sept. 1, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Istanbul Museum of Painting, and Sculpture)

The Lale-Cengiz Akıncı Collection is a distinguished art collection meticulously assembled by Cengiz Akıncı and his spouse, Lale Aldıkaçtı. Cengiz Akıncı, a graduate of the State Academy of Fine Arts and the son of the renowned painter Naile Akıncı, embarked on his art collecting journey at the tender age of 16, inspired and encouraged by his mother’s passion for art.

Following his formal education, Cengiz specialized in copyright law, a field significantly influenced by his deep connection to the art world.

In 1983, Cengiz Akıncı and Lale Aldıkaçtı joined their lives in marriage, forging a shared commitment not only to their legal careers but also to their passion for collecting art. Over the years, their collaborative efforts have resulted in a diverse and expansive collection that reflects their profound appreciation for the arts.

The Lale-Cengiz Akıncı Collection showcases an array of artworks, primarily created by Academy-educated artists. This rich assortment includes landscapes and still lives, figurative and abstract pieces, printmaking, drawings spanning different epochs, sculptures, ceramics, and glass artworks, representing an amalgamation of various artistic techniques. Notably, the collection predominantly focuses on artworks produced after the 1930s, offering a captivating journey through different eras in the world of art.