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Master plan public transport in Karachi need of hour

Master plan public transport in Karachi need of hour

Sidra Tul Muntaha

Now a days there is serious problem of transport in the city specially at morning and evening there is too much scaring of transport the school and college going boys and girls and the service holders try to get chance so that they could reach in the time and due to the fact, the buses are over loaded and serious accident in feared. I, therefore, request the provincial transport authorities to take suitable step to solve the transport problem and the publish could get bus easily.

Secondly, nowadays many accidents are happening in Karachi and especially due to the truckers who drive blindly and in a state of intoxication and do not care about anyone’s life due to which many lives have been lost. Please take actions on this so that no more lives are lost. Karachi is one of the world’s fastest growing cities but its problems are also growing with the same manner. Pollution, traffic, water, electricity are the major issues faced by the Karachites. The bad conditions of the roads cause a lot of inconvenience to the people, causing traffic jams and frequent accidents. In the recent times of 2022, Karachi faced huge destruction due to the heavy monsoon rains.

There was no proper system of sewerage, roads were flooded terribly. The authorities proved to be a total failure for the residents of Karachi. The awful conditions of public transport make the journey more exhausting. They are often operated by the reckless drivers who don’t even follow the traffic rules of the roads. With such a big population there is no proper means of transportation. Garbage and rubbish can be seen everywhere, making the environment polluted. The massive electricity crisis has crippled life in Karachi.

The power breakdown of 10-12 hours is faced mostly without being announced to the residents. Especially in summers and in the month of Ramzan Kareem load shedding is to be considered as a habitual issue. Water is also not provided properly to every citizen. There are a lot of water mafias, who charge so much money for the water which is directed to be supplied to the citizens without payment.

The concerned authorities are therefore requested to look into these matters without any further delay and take suitable steps to solve these problems.

Increase in crimes: The incidents of thefts, kidnapping, jewelry and purse snatching, mobile snatching, eve-teasing are on the increase. There is an atmosphere of insecurity and fear in the entire locality. No resident dares to go out after the dark. The most worrying factor is most of these crimes are being done by teenagers. These crimes are the fallout of their unregulated and unmonitored overexposure to the internet.

It really pains to see young children being caught by police. Quite ironically, they belong to families with a respectable background. Being elders it is our moral responsibility to prevent the youngsters from going astray. This is nothing but the effect of their exposure to violence on TV and the internet. The schools, the parents, and the government must come together to solve this problem. I have decided to bring the attention of the concerned authorities in these things.

This is what is actually happening nowadays in cities like Karachi. The citizens are not able to use their phones outside their homes. People are totally scared of being looted, robbed and they are afraid of losing their possessions.

Over the last few weeks, street crimes in Karachi have increased considerably. No one in the city is safe on the roads and even within the confines of their houses. The government seems to be indifferent, and has left the residents to fend for themselves.

Senior officers of the police and law-enforcement agencies should be held accountable for such unsatisfactory performance and utter neglect of duty. don’t know how the government will solve this problem of the people but the only thing I seek out from the government is to clean Karachi and our country from thieves and looters so that the people can lead a prosperous, peaceful, and comfortable life.
No response against unemployment: Unemployment is a major social problem in Pakistan, especially for young people. Despite completing their education, many fresh graduates are unable to secure a job no matter how hard they try.

Many become disheartened and fall into a life of crime or drug abuse. Unemployment is a serious issue in our country. As it is increasing day by day some people are highly capable and a few among them have good education and fulfill all the requirements of a particular job, but couldn’t get one just because of unemployment.

The jobless people can always be dangerous to a nation’s well-being. Those youth of the country who are unemployed are getting frustrated and falling a prey to drug addiction, theft, violence and many other social harms. Terrorists, drug traffickers and smugglers are engaging them in evil activities.

Unemployment is a significant issue for any economy. It creates adverse impacts on the unemployed as they are jobless and suffer from worse chances to find a new job, and those who are employed feel less secure about keeping their jobs in future.
It is the job of the government to strictly monitor the implementation of laws.

The people of the country should help the government to fight against unemployment. Therefore, every citizen should follow the rules and regulations in their true spirit and should maintain discipline. To make our country successful, along with the government, every individual should do their part of the job. The government has to take steps to reduce the youth unemployment rate. Training and technical institutes should be set up where students can acquire in-demand skills.

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