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Move Over Chicken Biryani: Try This Scrumptious BBQ Chicken Biryani Recipe

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Who doesn’t like barbecue chicken? There is something delicious about eating a piece of juicy chicken that is full of smokey flavours. Barbecue chicken is so good that it can go well with anything!  You can add barbecue chicken in pasta, in a pizza and even a dosa! That’s how versatile and yummy barbecue chicken is.  We found a way to combine two of India’s favourite meals, barbecue chicken and biryani, and the result is scrumptious.  We have found a delicious BBQ chicken biryani that will make you want to eat it every day!


Relish BBQ chicken biryani with raita.

How To Make BBQ Chicken Biryani

This BBQ chicken biryani recipe is just like any other biryani but a smokey twist! To make this biryani, you have to start by making barbecue chicken. You can follow a simple barbecue chicken recipe or you can follow the recipe given in the biryani to make barbecue chicken. You don’t need to have a barbecue for making this chicken. You can simply use a lump of coal to recreate the same smokey BBQ effect. All you need to do is place a lump of hot smoking coal in the middle of the chicken.  Next, you need to cook the biryani masala and add barbecue chicken to it.  This will add barbecue flavour to the biryani masala.

At this step, make sure you have cooked basmati rice ready. Now, the biryani assembly will take place. Evenly add rice on top of the prepared barbecue chicken masala. Do not mix it. Garnish it with fried onions. Cover the dish and create a dum within the biryani. To create a dum, make sure no heat escapes from this covered dish. The dum will make sure that the barbecue chicken masala gets absorbed into the rice, creating a strong and flavourful biryani.

Courtesy: (food.ndtv.com)