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Our Basic Pasta Guide

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Everyone loves pasta! No matter if you like it to be authentic Italian or do it with a desi touch, everyone enjoys a pasta dish. However, a lot of us may not know much about it and as a result are missing out on the making the best use of it.

We’ve compiled an easy to follow guide, that will teach you what kinds of pastas are out there and what sauces pair best with the different kinds.


This is generally long strands of string pasta that varies in its thickness. This type of pasta is very good with meaty sauces.


This is sheet pasta and the largest among the ribbon pasta variety.


Macaroni is tube shaped pasta and most famous of its kind is the elbow macaroni, which is angular.


This is another tubular pasta, however this one is in the form longer and narrower. This makes it perfect for more creamy sauces.


Often sold in almost a nest like shape, tagliatelle are a long and thin strip like pasta. This pasta works very well with lighter, creamier sauces.


Fettuccini and Tagliatelle are basically the same, with the only difference being that Fettuccini is slightly wider.


This small pasta is well known for its beautiful spiral shape. This works best with pesto sauce or other herb based sauces.


A pretty bow shaped pasta, the farfalle is great flat pasta and it is often served with tomato based sauces.


Ravioli is small sheets of pasta stuffed with filling and served in a sauce.

Have you tried all these different kinds of pastas? Let us know in the comments below.