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Pakistani actress Nida Yasir receives certificate in fashion fundamentals

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Famous Pakistani host Nida Yasir has received a certificate in fashion fundamentals after concluding her workshop in style and fashion from some recognized institution.

In case the readers are not aware, previously, Nida Yasir had revealed that she was learning fashion from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

However, in the latest turns of events, a video emerged on social media featuring the showbiz celebrity in full delight while receiving her certificate from some male person during the office.

Nida is seen decked up in professional attire, comprising of cool pants and a shirt graced with a sky-blue coat and loose curly hair.

It is important to mention here; that previously famous actress Dania Enwar had criticized the emerging dress-designing abilities of Nida Yasir which has stirred controversy on all over social media.

Nida Yasir appeared in some TV show during which she revealed regarding her outfit which she had designed by herself while Dania Enwer considered it quite ordinary as she offered ‘rough’ judgements.

Here are the exact words offered by Dania Enwer during the comment section of Nida Yasir’s video: “All Praises for taking up education but there is really nothing designed in that wardrobe.”