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Peruvian chef honors culinary culture with book at Spanish Embassy in Türkiye

ANKARA (AA) : Following his time at the Embassy of Peru in Türkiye, chef Jean Carlo Milla Lope presented his culinary innovations in a book launch hosted at the Spanish Embassy on Wednesday. His focus was on highlighting the significant role of gastronomy as a fundamental element of culture.

Jean Carlo revealed that he commenced his role at the Spanish Embassy in Ankara, having previously served the Peruvian ambassador, who had relocated to Vienna for his diplomatic assignment.

His book includes different recipes from Spain, Peru, Türkiye and other parts of the globe, focusing on sustainability and minimizing waste.

“We find ourselves in a time where, unfortunately, the reality is that some individuals are grappling with the stark reality of having nothing to eat. This book aims to shed light on these pressing issues,” he said.

Introducing the book, the ambassador of Spain, Francisco Javier Hergueta Garnica, said Peru was among the great countries in the world of gastronomy, managing to bring success in a short time.

“Jean Carlo went to Spain to do training with a Michelin star restaurant, and I want to say and have to say that he surpassed all possible expectations because he is a man who, not being Spanish, has managed to do the Spanish dish better than the Spanish chefs,” he said.

Following the speeches, chef Carlo’s recipes were served to the guests, and he concluded the event by autographing copies of his recipe book for each guest.