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Restaurant offers $700 ‘Gold Standard’ burger

Monitoring Desk

PHILADELPHIA: A restaurant in the United States offered its customers a delicious “Gold Standard” burger for whopping $700, making it the most expensive cheeseburger in Philadelphia.

At the bottom of the main page of the menu at the Drury Beer Garden — which is set to re-open with a new name in Midtown Village — is not a cheese stake, but a burger — a very, very expensive burger.

According to a statement from the restaurant, the burger will include “Eight ounces of Japanese A5 ribeye wagyu, Wexford aged Irish Cheddar cheese, Italian Black Truffle, Italian Caviar, lobster meat flambéed with Louis XIII Cognac, Wildflour Bakery brioche bun topped with gold leaf and fries drizzled with 1500+MGO Manuka Honey.”

George Tsiouris, a co-owner of the beer garden, told local news station NBC10 the Gold Standard is about the joy of cooking.

“We are excited to provide our guests some amazing, creative and tasty options with our new menu concept,” he said.

Tsiouris, however, said nothing of the gratuity that would come from a tab that included a $700 sandwich, though a 20% gratuity is added on to parties of six or more.