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Sale of fish rises during winters in city

MULTAN (APP): In the midst of the biting cold weather, the sale of fish has witnessed a notable surge in the city, with a multitude of temporary shops springing up to meet the increased demand.

The popularity of this aquatic delight has soared, attributed to its perceived suitability for extreme weather conditions.

Temporary stalls, offering an array of fresh fish varieties, have become a common sight across the city including fish market, MDA Chowk, Pul Bararan, Gardezi Market, Gulshan Market, Chowk Kumhraan, Sameejabad, Chenab River, Muzaffarabad, Mumtazabad, Faiz-e-Chowk and scores of many other areas.

Among the options available, larger fish are being priced at Rs 600/kg, while smaller varieties are selling at a slightly lower rate of Rs 550/kg. Multan’s residents, including individuals such as Ramzan, Arham, Haris, and others, have expressed their delight at the availability and affordability of this winter-friendly delicacy.

According to citizens, fish has become the go-to dish during the prevailing harsh weather, providing not only a tasty treat but also a source of warmth and comfort. The affordability of fish at the current prices has further added to its appeal, making it a popular choice for families braving the cold.

Medical experts, including doctors Waqas Arqam and Dr. Maqbool, have endorsed the consumption of fish during chilly weather. They highlight its benefits in maintaining normal body temperature, making it a healthy and warming choice for individuals looking to stay resilient against the cold.

As the city embraced the winter, the surge in fish sales not only offered a comforting culinary experience but also provided a welcome economic boost for temporary vendors trying to make the most of the prevailing weather conditions.

Muhammad Bilal, a shopkeeper at Faiz-e-Aam Chowk, stated that a large number of citizens were found purchasing fish during the foggy weather. He however expressed pleasure adding that his income increased by many folds for the last few days.