Sana’s BOLD GROOVING to ‘Sanson Ki Mala’ has fans hooked

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Senior actress Sana Fakhar is widely acknowledged across Pakistan for being able to adeptly represent or more appropriately act as a source of inspiration for Pakistani ladies when it comes to prioritizing the need to indulge in acts of ‘self-love.’

In the latest video circulating over the internet, Sana Fakhar has been spotted very confidently swaying to a soul-stirring beat while the graceful lady flaunts a very bold yet very alluring sari number.

In case you are not aware, Sana Fakhar is a keen believer of maintaining her looks while the senior media personality is quite often spotted paying frequent visits to the gym.

In the latest video featuring Sana Fakhar, the 43-year-old has been spotted very self-assuredly flaunting a breathtaking sari, the vibrant gold blouse hugging Sana’s body frame like a dream, while the ‘choli’ has been paired with ‘pink pallu’ (pallu is the cloth that is draped over the blouse in sari looks).

The instrumental that Sana Fakhar has been spotted grooving to is a very popular music track known as ‘Sanson Ki Mala Pe’ which has been sung by renowned Pakistani musician ‘Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.’