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Sawan 2021: 10 Delicious Fasting Recipes That You Can Prepare

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Indian foodies are all geared up for Sawan 2021. The month of Shravan starts from July 25 this year. Devotees pray to Lord Shiva during this holy month, and often observe fasts. On this note, food lovers are already prepped for the fasting ritual in many parts of the country.

There are plenty of recipes which can be made during this period. If you too are set to observe fasting in the upcoming days, fret not. We have some of the easiest and yummiest of vrat-friendly recipes that serve the purpose and also satiate your taste buds.

Here Are 10 Best Delicious Fasting Recipes For Sawan 2021:

Vratvaale Paneer Roll

These paneer rolls are made with a healthy twist. The crunchy brown pieces are prepared with ingredients like potato and paneer. Spices, sendha namak, raisins and ghee help them to be a perfect tea time snack. Here is the recipe.

Kuttu Ki Puri

The puris made of gram buckwheat flour are quite popular during fasting festivities. The ghee laden round puris are made with salted mashed potatoes. Serve them hot with your favourite side dish.

Kuttu ki Puri is a popular vrat-friendly recipe.

Dahi Aloo

The vrat-special Dahi aloo recipe is a creamy delicacy one must not miss. It becomes an ideal alternative with the inclusion of potatoes and buckwheat flour. The boiled potato balls are submerged into a thick and spicy yoghurt paste.

Aloo Rasedaar

The potato gravy sabzi is prepared with sendha or rock salt. It has the richness of ghee and curd. The sabzi can be served with kuttu ki poori.

Aloo can be made in a number of ways for Sawan 2021.

Chawal Dhokla

Dhoklas can be a part of your Sawan menu now. Try these rice dhoklas specially prepared during the fasting days. The spongy pieces have the tanginess of yoghurt and a tinge of spices. Take a look.

Khasta Sabudana Ki Tikki

Sabudana is the go-to ingredient when it comes to any kind of fast. Instead of making the regular khichdi or vada out of them, explore this delicious tikkis. The crunchy pieces are made of wholesome mashed potatoes, chillies and sendha namak

Vrat is incomplete without Sabudana in the menu.

Sweet Faraali Pancakes

Here’s a quick fasting recipe that you might be looking for. If you are a fan of pancakes, the heavenly vrat pancakes are a must-try. They are prepared out of buckwheat flour and have the goodness of bananas, coconut and jaggery.

Kache Kele Ki Tikki

Cook these speedy and mouth-watering tikkis with raw bananas. The spicy snack option is usually a favourite amongst the foodies during the festival of Navaratri. Raw bananas being a rich source of nutrients makes it a healthy option as well. Here is the recipe.

Apple Crumble Singhara Atta

This nourishing divine bowl of dessert simply should not be skipped. The buttery treat has singhara atta along with fun ingredients like raisins, jaggery and coconut.

apple crumble
Believe it or not, this dessert is completely vrat-friendly for Sawan 2021.

Dates And Nuts Laddoo

Laddoos never go out of fashion when it comes to fasting. These balls full of sweetness are prepared with ghee laden dates and nuts. The amazing combination of health-meets-taste makes it a much-loved recipe amid foodies. Wanna try?

These were some of the quick and easy fasting recipes you can relish during the month of Shravan.

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