Singer Ed Sheeran breaks down in tears over wife’s health scare

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LONDON: Singer Ed Sheeran teared up recalling the tough times when his wife Cherry Seaborn was diagnosed with a tumour during pregnancy.

In the teaser of his upcoming docu-series ‘The Sum Of It All’ for Disney+, Sheeran gets teary-eyed, letting out the health sufferings of his wife – while being pregnant with their second child – and the death of a close one, which made him feel powerless.

“Cherry’s health, it was really bad,” the ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker narrated in the video, adding that the news came soon after he had learned about the death of his best friend and music entrepreneur, Jamal Edwards due to a heart attack.

“You guys said, ‘Do you want to make a documentary?’ And I went, ‘Yeah! And it should be me in the studio’ … that’s not what the documentary is,” Sheeran said before bursting into tears in car.

“Life is unpredictable. Plans can change, really quickly. There’s nothing you can do about it. You feel so powerless,” he noted at a point in the trailer.

Despite several heartwrenching moments and revelations throughout, the video ends on a happy note with a celebration for Sheeran, amid family and friends.

For the unversed, Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn share two daughters together,  Lyra, 2, and Jupiter, born in May last year.

Meanwhile, the four-part docu-series of Sheeran is set to drop on Disney+ on May 3.