Spanish artist merges her Istanbul memories with mosaic pieces

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ISTANBUL: The Spanish artist Ana Vicente shared her recollections as she pieced each mosaic piece in her “The Fragments of My Memory” exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Istanbul Cervantes Institute.

The Spanish artist, who has lived in Istanbul for more than seven years, blends different techniques, thoughts and perspectives applied in mosaic art with experiences that have left a mark on her life. The artist, who says that her “Bosporus” work reflects her life in Istanbul, is pleased to meet with Istanbulites for the second time.

In “The Fragments of My Memory” exhibition, which includes 30 works, the works she created with famous Italian contemporary mosaic artists such as Guglio Menossi and Dino Maccini also met with art lovers.

Ana Vincente's work called
Ana Vincente’s work called “Bosporus,” Istanbul, Türkiye, March. 9, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Cervantes Institute)

Vicente, interested in every branch of art, met mosaic art, which she has a great passion for, after completing her Art History studies at the University of Zaragoza. Mosaic art is a technique with limitations in the application phase; perhaps precisely for this reason, Ana Vicente loves to perform her art on different materials and surfaces and go beyond boundaries. The images in her mind turn into mosaics, and her memories and the cities she has lived in are sources of inspiration for her.

Courtesy: Dailysabah