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Street food in Lahore, the culinary heart of Pakistani cuisine

Khudainoor Nasar

LAHORE : If Pakistan is renowned worldwide for its delicious meat kebabs, Lahore is its culinary heart.

Every night, the streets of this Punjabi city are filled with the aroma of spicy lamp cutlets, charcoal-grilled chicken and piping-hot stews. Food lovers from all over the country and beyond flock to Lahore to savour its many delectable offerings. Some restaurants even host live music performances by local artists to add to the atmosphere.

While Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, may be celebrated for its culinary offerings, many say the spicy foods of Lahore stand unparalleled.

“If you want to enjoy good food in Pakistan, this is the best place,” Nazim, a Lahore resident, tells The National.

Mohammed Abdullah, who also lives in Lahore, says he and his friends make plans every weekend to try the city’s street food.

“I love cream so my favourite is malai boti,” he says, referring to the popular grilled-chicken dish marinated in cream sauce and spices overnight and then barbecued.

Haseeb, who lives in Germany, says he came to Lahore specifically for the food.

“I’m here with my cousins and my family and I’m enjoying every moment of it,” he says.

The capital city of the Pakistani province of Punjab, Lahore has a culinary scene heavily influenced by Punjabi and Mughlai cuisine. Inhabited for more than two millennia, it was the capital for many empires including Hindus, Sikhs and the Mughals.

Courtesy: thenationalnews