Tom Cruise speaks about performing DANGEROUS stunts in Mission Impossible

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LOS ANGELES: Tom Cruise, one of the highest-paid actors, has shared a video showing how he perform stunts in the ‘Mission Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part 1’.

Speaking at Jimmy Kimmel’s show, he shed light on the difficulties he bore in making the film – a mountain bike jump off a cliff in Norway.

About the safety measures during the high-flying shot, he said: “Even my shoelaces were taped”, he quipped.

With a mere six seconds to spare before hitting the ground, Cruise explained that he had to flawlessly deploy his parachute while freefalling through the air.

And despite the intense pressure, he made it clear that he wasn’t “counting the six.”

Such a death-defying act undoubtedly required nerves of steel, and Cruise demonstrated once again that he doesn’t rely on stunt doubles.