Tourist’s poor parking decision drowns vehicle

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NORTH WALES: Poor parking decisions can quickly lead to disasters and a tourist experienced it first-hand after he parked his vehicle near a harbor, which later resulted in its drowning.

This happened after a tourist struggled to find a parking spot after taking a trip down to North Wales.

The car owner drove down to the harbour in Borth y Ges to find a parking spot and later parked the vehicle just before the high tide, only to end up paying a high price.

People from around the town warned the vehicle owner not to park near the harbour. The eventual tragedy was that his car was filled with water and nearly drowned when the high tide hit the harbour shore.

To add to the owner’s woes, a crowd started to gather in the area to watch the car turn into a submarine. Reports said it took 15 minutes for the car to sink.

Netizens reacted to the incident with some interesting comments. A user wrote, “This is what will happen if you don’t pay your tourist tax.”

“Insurance company: “Is it covered?” Only by water,” wrote another.

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