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Two dozen artists gather a diverse flock of avians at Brassworks gallery for ‘Birds Rising’

Mixed-media pieces by two dozen artists take flight in Birds Rising at Brassworks Gallery in Portland, Oregon, this month. Curated by artist Heiko Müller, a vibrant selection of works take feathered creatures as a starting point, showcasing a range of styles that reference mythology, fairytales, and quickly-changing habitats. Works by Diana Sudyka, El Gato Chimney, and Caitlin McCormack—among many others—highlight a variety of media almost as diverse as the avian world itself.

Birds Rising opens with a preview on September 9, and you can find more information on the gallery’s website and Instagram.

A painting of an Emperor Penguin with an argyle chest in front of a magenta cloud.

Richard Ahnert

A sculpture of a bird with a ruff.

Alexandra Lukaschewitz

A paper collage with pencil drawings of birds.

Eiko Borcherdin

A painting of a young penguin with coral sprouting from its back.

Ki Sung Koh

A drawing of a bird in a nest made of bones, its feathers resembling a skull, holding a burning bone in its beak.

Ana Juan

A drawing of a bird on a geometric form, surrounded by pins, a thimble, and a heart-shaped potion bottle releasing a cloud.

El Gato Chimney

An abstract, featherless, orange bird standing on an outcrop, with two babies by its feet.

Mario Klingemann

A fantastical painting of a female figure that is half-bird, with a multi-headed swan next to it.

Ryan Heshka

Courtesy: colossal