What we are eating today: Crepe and Waffle 

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Crepe and Waffle is a small, family-run dessert shop that has branches in many districts of Jeddah.

The shop offers a wide selection of crepes, waffles and pancake batter, as well as sauces.

The crepe section includes lotus, the house special (Nutella, pistachio and biscuit flakes), crunchy, Galaxy, white chocolate, Nutella, Belgian chocolate, pistachio, and Kinder.

You can order crepes that come in a sushi roll form, or in the classic triangular form.

They offer the same sauces for the waffles as well, and have a classic Dutch waffle option too.

Crepe and Waffle have an incredible mini pancake selection, with boxes that offer from 15 up to 50 pieces, which are an excellent option for gatherings.

They are offered with all the sauces mentioned above, in addition to Oreo, Mars, Snickers and Ferrero Rocher biscuit toppings, as well as banana and strawberry toppings.

They also offer what is called the “Sushi Box” which contains six different types of sushi crepe fillings: Marshmallow, brownies, cake, strawberry, banana, and Kinder along with four different dipping sauces of your choice.

Crepe and Waffle also have branches in Makkah and Taif.

They offer hot and cold drinks, from mojitos and iced teas to all kinds of coffee.

I treated myself to a crepe with Galaxy sauce and a cappuccino. I was more surprised by how good their coffee is than their main products.

Their slogan is “made with love,” and I can taste that through the high quality of their dough and generous sauce portions.

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