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Where we are going today: Afis Table Greek cuisine in Riyadh

Rahaf Jambi

The fine-dining Greek Hawaiian restaurant is known for its outstanding BBQs, gyros, and souvlaki meals, as well as its crispy cone fries, including beef and chicken gyros, Amsterdam fries, noodles shaker, poke bowls, sushi burritos and souvlaki grills.

It also serves freshly squeezed juices, including beetroot, detox and energizer, and nutritious smoothies.

The Greek fish burger, a fried fish tempura served with cheese and tzatziki sauce, combined with cocktail sauce served with Amsterdam fries, is one of its signature meals.

Mouthwatering plates of grilled souvlaki tawouk chicken are served on top of a bed of vegetables along with crispy fries.

Try the marinated salmon poke if you enjoy spicy salmon poke bowls with seaweed, beetroot or mango.

Prices are reasonable.

The restaurant has two branches in Riyadh, one in Alfaisal University and the other in Al-Sulaimania.  

Courtesy: arabnews