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Where we are going today: ‘Aleppo’ a Syrian restaurant in Riyadh

Haifa Alshammari

Aleppo is a Syrian restaurant located on Prince Mamdouh Bin Abdulaziz Street in Riyadh. This eatery provides a selection of authentic Syrian dishes but with an interesting twist on some of the original recipes.

Aleppo’s historic interiors, ambiance, musical playlist, and paintings by notable Syrian artists hanging on the walls all transport guests to the city of Aleppo, with its historic buildings and ancient passageways. The restaurant has created the perfect recipe for a great time with family and friends, while also satiating the appetite with delectable food.

Customers will enjoy a variety of flavors on Aleppo’s menu including shishbarak, yabriq, and farika, which are all popular Syrian dishes. If you are a fan of kebabs, you will find a variety to choose from, including kabab halabi, popular among regulars, and kabab tahinah, which is mixed with tahina sauce and other spices. Other appetizers on the menu are hummus, tabouleh, and kubbah.

One of their best items is dolma with meat, a specialty in Aleppo. It is cooked with meat unlike the usual way of making dolma where many cook it with olive oil.

The place is a bit small and finding a parking space can be challenging especially early in the evening and during peak hours. Thus, it is recommended to avoid going to the restaurant during those times to save yourself some time, and visit during lunch hours or for a late dinner.

The restaurant opens every day from 12 p.m. until 1 a.m., except on Thursdays and Fridays where they extend the time for one more hour.

Courtesy: arabnews