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Where we are going today: Amm Shaltat

Nada Hameed

If you are a fan of Egyptian pastries, particularly Mushaltat, then look no further than Amm Shaltat, which translates to Master of Mushaltat, for their specialization in this delectable pie.

Amm Shaltat have garnered great success since opening their first branch in Riyadh. Now with a new location on Palestine Street in Jeddah, they bring their authentic flavors closer to home.

The dish is made by layering thinly rolled dough with fresh ghee, which is then folded multiple times to create a flaky, multi-layered structure reminiscent of puff pastry. Before baking, it is brushed with ghee or butter to achieve a golden brown, crispy crust.

The traditional rural Egyptian Mushaltat pie is a beloved savory pastry known for a flavorful mixture of minced meat, sausage, mixed cheeses, vegetables and many other fillings.

Mushaltat is enjoyed as a snack, breakfast, or main dish in Egypt. It is believed to be a great source of energy because it is high in calories. Some enjoy it plain with honey and feta cheese, while others prefer sweet variations filled with cream or chocolate and topped with powdered sugar.

Many visitors indulge in the sweet Mushaltat pie which feels like being transported to the bustling streets of downtown Cairo. The sausage pies deliver the same perfect taste.

However, the restaurant should perhaps consider looking at operational efficiencies. There are seemingly too few ovens and an inadequate ordering system, which has resulted in long queues and many dissatisfied customers.

Courtesy: arabnews