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Where we are going today: Avak – Mediterranean dishes in Riyadh

Haifa Alshammari

Avak was supposed to be strictly Armenian. Then the owners developed a menu with Italian, Greek and Arabic dishes, and called it Mediterranean. And we’re glad they did.

At this northern Riyadh restaurant you’re not limited to just one cuisine — go where the mood takes you. Take a short hop to Beirut with everyone’s favorite tabbouleh as a starter, then whisk yourself off to Italy for some saffron and chicken risotto, beef and cherry tomatoes or maybe a spinach truffle tortellini.

Why? Because you can.

Then order some kebbeh with pine nuts and pomegranate garnishes to bring you back closer to home. Go on, they’re delicious.

But don’t forget the Armenian food, which is always a treat.

Gapama — a huge hollowed pumpkin stuffed with rice, dried fruits and meat, baked, then topped with even more meat — is one of Avak’s most popular dishes. While it’s usually for Christmas, we can dig into this delight any time of the year.

Avak has been pulling in the crowds for some time now and ratings on popular websites show just how much appreciation there is for the restaurant. Foursquare and other sites are filled with great reviews: “The mixed hummus is a must,” “Try date salad 10/10,” “Go for vine leaves fata!” There’s a lot of love.

As for the venue, the general vibes are calming, the seating is comfortable, the dining tables are wide so it’s good for large groups, and the waiters and waitresses are friendly.

The interior is inspired by classic Greek decor, with dark and rich colors adding warmth and coziness.

Courtesy: arabnews