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Where we are going today: Chestnut Bakery

Dhai Al-Mutairi

London’s Chestnut Bakery has quickly established a name for itself in Riyadh with its fresh range of products including spanakopita bear claw, yuzu meringue cruffins, and philistia bagels.

Opened just over a year ago in the Pure Center at Al-Takhassousi, it not only offers fresh-baked goods such as croissants and pastries, but a selection of dishes from a wood-fired oven.

Sweet items include poundcake French toast priced at SR37 ($9.87), whipped mascarpone, burnt honey (SR29), and honey toast with gaymar (SR23), a thickened cream traditionally made with water buffalo milk. 

From the wood-fired oven, customers can choose from potato and sweet onion flatbread (SR39), fig and goats’ cheese (SR49), roasted red pepper jam, ricotta, and Manchego (SR47), wagyu carpaccio and Manchego (SR57), and more.

For big breakfast lovers, the menu has a roots and stems section that includes baked aubergine with herb tahini, grilled avocado with house honey mustard, and grilled halloumi with roasted peppers and olives.

Popular sandwiches are bresaola, brie, and mixed berry balsamic jam (SR45), ka’ak halloumi (SR29), and mozzarella, pesto, roasted eggplant, and peppers (SR55). 

Drinks include espresso, macchiato, flat white, latte, Earl Grey, and fresh mint tea, plus freshly squeezed house juices such as spicy red, pomegranate, and za’atar.

Chestnut Bakery was founded by Kuwaiti chef Ahmad Al-Bader, who has also set up other restaurants and bakeries in Riyadh, including Lunch Room, Habra, and Gun Bun.

Courtesy: arabnews