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Where we are going today: ‘Flame Night’ restaurant in Jeddah

Afshan Aziz

Guests can enjoy the ultimate outdoor dining oasis at Jeddah’s Flame Night restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton’s picturesque garden.

Every Thursday from 7 p.m. to midnight, guests can savor fine cuts of meat, fresh seafood, mocktails, and live band performances.

Culinary theater adds a dash of excitement, as the chef takes center stage, preparing and barbecuing the delicious dishes in front of diners.

It is the ideal location for special occasions or an unforgettable night out in a captivating outdoor dining area.

Salads are available in a range of textures and flavors. The butter lettuce salad with blue cheese, avocado, and lemon oil is a refreshing option, while the grilled little gem with shaved parmesan and caesar dressing adds a touch of sophistication.

The charcuterie and cheese corner is a cheese-lover’s paradise, offering a variety of cured cuts, duck rillettes, and pate that go well with the assortment of cheeses and condiments. The toasted almonds with flavor add a delicious crunch.

A selection of raw vegetables and dips is available at the crudite bar for those looking for a healthier choice. The sushi bar, which serves nigiris, tiraditos, and a variety of rolls, will delight lovers of seafood.

Moving on to the main course, the grill stations present a wide selection of meats, including ribeye, flat iron, sirloin, and tenderloin medallions.

The seafood market offers options such as lobster, whole local fish, U10 shrimps, and king crab. The gremolata, chimichurri, and bearnaise sauces elevate the flavors even further.

Lamb shoulders, short ribs, and briskets at the smoker station are succulent and bursting with flavor. The sides are equally impressive, with highlights including truffle mac and cheese, southern succotash, and smoked carrots with ginger glaze.

The dessert display is a feast for the eyes and taste buds. Desserts come in a delightful variety of flavors, ranging from vanilla panna cotta with mixed berries to raspberry frangipane.

Courtesy: arabnews