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Where we are going today: ‘Half Million’ cafe

Rahaf Jambi

Need a quick beverage before venturing back into congested city traffic? Look no further than Half Million, a specialty coffee cafe and one of the most popular spots for coffee lovers.

Half Million has branches around the Kingdom in Riyadh, Jeddah, Sharqiyah, and even in London.

Aside from specialty coffees such as V60, iced drip, cold brew, and signature coffee, Half Million also offers iced lattes, cappuccino, iced cereal lattes, pistachio lattes, and other beverages for those who prefer milk with their coffee.

We also tried their popular hot chocolate and dark chocolate winter drinks, which has become a London branch fad. The dark chocolate is less sweet than usual and costs SR16 ($4.27).

Half Million also has a wide selection of tempting baked goods on display, all made fresh daily.

A choice of desserts is also available, including pistachio eclairs and brownies, as well as savory delights such as cheesy and zaatar croissants.

The cafe gets its name from the amount of money the project was launched with when two friends decided to leave their hometown of Riyadh and set out on a trip to start their own business.

Filled with determination, they marched into the business world with capital of only SR500,000. However, with the support and encouragement of their local business community, their dream became a reality.

Most Half Million branches are open around the clock. They also deliver via apps such as Hunger Station and Jahez.

Courtesy: arabnews