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Where we are going today: ‘Hwa-Ro’ – Korean barbecue house in Jeddah

Afshan Aziz

Located in Jeddah’s Al-Rawdah district, Hwa-Ro is a Korean barbecue house that delivers an authentic culinary experience.

With carefully selected meats and a variety of side dishes, guests can choose from either the all-you-can-eat barbecue with unlimited refills or an a la carte menu.

Hwa-Ro’s approach is to grill each part of the meat individually, resulting in distinct flavors and textures. Only the best cuts are chosen by the restaurant’s skilled butchers, ensuring a high-quality dining experience.

The co-founder and CEO of Hwa-Ro Korean BBQ House, Dennis Kang, believes each morsel of beef is delicious and holds equal value in Korean cuisine. He wants to share this appreciation with diners in Jeddah.

The highlight of the Hwa-Ro experience is the charcoal barbecue, where guests can watch their meat being grilled right at their table. Various side dishes and vegetables are served alongside the different cuts of meat, allowing guests to create their own flavorful wraps.

Notable dishes from this section include the Hwa-Ro Galbi — Korean-style grilled short ribs marinated in barbecue sauce — as well as the chuck eye beef roll and rib eye wings mixed with herb salt, both of which are tender and juicy.

The restaurant also offers a selection of premium cuts, such as saeusal and flower ribs. In addition, combination barbecue options allow diners to sample a variety of meats in one meal.

The barbecue menu features a selection of six side dishes, including pickled radish, pickled chili and onion, seasoned chives with red chili powder, seasoned spring onions with red chili powder, and mashed potatoes. There are four sauces available: sesame garlic salt, soy barbecue sauce, green chili sauce and mixed bean paste.

The wagyu bulchobap, a grilled wagyu striploin sushi with teriyaki sauce, is a must-try. Another standout dish is the chadol ramyeon, which features beef brisket ramen noodles with green onion in a beef broth, which is simmered for six hours.

The kkaduki fried rice, prepared with ground beef and radish kimchi, is also highly recommended.

To conclude the meal, Hwa-Ro offers a delightful Korean homemade patbingsu, a shaved ice dessert with sweetened red beans which provides a refreshing and satisfying end to the dining experience.

Courtesy: arabnews