Where we are going today: Khosh Hal Fusion

Where we are going today: Khosh Hal Fusion

Ameera Abid

Khosh Hal Fusion is one of the few Pakistani restaurants in Jeddah that offers the most authentic taste of the country’s cuisine.

The restaurant interior is breathtaking and represents all the regions of Pakistan, showcasing all the parts of each that make it unique. From the woven chairs that are a part of almost every Pakistani household to the types of hats worn in different provinces and different jewelry.

Every single thing in the restaurant speaks to Pakistan’s rich culture. Hanging upside down from the ceiling are the traditional pots that are also part of the village culture in Pakistan.

The food in the restaurant does justice to the cuisine without adding too much spice so that it suits the palate of people who are trying it for the first time.

Their barbeque platter, biryani, and butter chicken are among the best dishes on the menu.

One of the things that stood out the most was their Rooh Afza slush, which is a delicious twist on the classic herbal-floral-fruity and brightly colored Rooh Afza cordial that is mostly served during Ramadan in households.

Another drink that is a twist on a classic Pakistani beverage is the mango and passion fruit lassi, which is a drink made with sweetened yogurt.

Their desserts are also a fusion between Pakistani sweets and those from other places around the world. They serve a gulab jamun kunafa, rose tres leches cake, and a personal favorite, the ras malai French toast.

To top it all off, they serve a very fragrant karak chai in pottery mugs, complementing the desserts well.

Whether you live away from home and want a taste of it or are adventurous when it comes to food and want to try new things, Khosh Hal Fusion is the perfect place to visit with your family and friends.

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