Where we are going today: Mighty catch restaurant in Qatif

Sulafa Alkhunaizi

If you ever catch yourself craving seafood with unique oriental flavors, Mighty Catch restaurant in Qatif in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia may provide the answer.

The best part of Mighty Catch is that all the fish is from local farms, resulting in a fresh dish every single time.

The menu contains appetizers and main dishes bursting with flavor from various cuisines: Thai tom yum soup, Indian shrimp biryani, shrimp kunafa, and Japanese shrimp katsu.

It also offers seafood boils with customizable mix-and-match flavors: spicy and garlicky cajun, cream sauce, lemon butter, or a mixture.

One of its star dishes is the black lime salmon served on a bed of roasted vegetables. The significance of this dish is the dried black lime, popularly known as limoo amani in Middle Eastern cuisine. The salmon is cooked until it is buttery smooth on the inside and with golden edges filled with flavor. The black lime sauce on top creates the perfect flavor and texture balance.  

The shrimp avocado salad has an extraordinary flavor because of the addition of fresh mango chunks. These help create the perfect mixture of savory: tangy and sweet.

For those who have an appetite for spicy food, the Nashville chicken is a great choice. The Tennessee classic is deep-fried chicken slathered in a dark red cayenne sauce that adds a kick.

It is rare to find a restaurant with a range of international cuisines created so beautifully and effortlessly. One would expect the flavors to be affected when there are so many choices, but each dish is made with so much precision and elegance.

Customers can dine in Mighty Catch and enjoy the simplistic yet modern feel of the place, with all the focus on their meal. They may also order through the Shuka app from the comfort of their homes.

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Courtesy: arabnews