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Where we are going today: Naan bakery

Jasmine Bager

Naan bakery has some of the best freshly baked Arabic bread I’ve had in a while. Made with love by locals on the premises, it has great texture and is ideal to eat solo or with cheese or any other topping.

Light to the touch and on the tummy, it is made with quality ingredients and will not cause you to feel bloated afterward, even if you eat a whole naan bread by yourself in one go.

They have plenty of toppings and fillings to choose from, including various melted cheeses, zaatar, and the famous Oman Chips.

You can try their signature naan manousheh, or flatbread, with toasted kunafa flakes sprinkled on top and a sweet sugary drizzle atop a blanket of creamy goodness. You can eat a few pieces right out of the box and freeze the rest for optimal freshness. They will be just as good as the first time.

Their drinks are quite good, too. You can try their freshly brewed iced tea with real peach; it is so refreshing and does not taste artificial or too sweet.

You can also try their karak hot tea, which is quite popular.

Their flagship shop opened less than a year ago, and its modern, minimalist aesthetic in sandy tones was curated by a local interior designer.

With just one location in Saihat City, about a half-hour drive from Dhahran, it might be worth the commute.

Courtesy: arabnews