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Where we are going today: ‘The Lucky Llama’ restaurant in Jeddah

Ghadi joudah

The Lucky Llama, a fine-dining restaurant in Jeddah, specializes in Nikkei cuisine, which combines culinary elements from Peru and Japan.

This unique style blends the colors, flavors, and aromas of both countries to create a harmonious dining experience.

Nikkei cuisine showcases the delicate and imaginative aspects of Japanese cooking alongside the bold and spicy flavors of Peru.

Situated in the Al-Mohammadiyyah district, The Lucky Llama was established by chef Nihal Felemban.

The cozy interior features plush seating, soft lighting and rustic decor, creating a welcoming ambiance.

I began with the salmon crispy rice, a blend of crispy rice, spicy truffle sauce, Norwegian salmon and jalapeno slices for a spicy kick. Each bite offers a harmony of flavors and textures, with the rice crunch complementing the buttery salmon.

To cleanse my palate between dishes, I chose the sake sour, a refreshing mix of sake, lime, yuzu and green tea syrup.

The nigiri menu stands out with vibrant flavors.

The scallop nigiri delighted with its rich umami taste, enhanced by truffle butter, parmesan and black lime zest.

My main course, the arroz con langosta, featured bomba rice, tom yum Nikkei broth, lobster and prawns — similar to paella but with a unique fusion twist.

For dessert, I enjoyed the sweet churros coated in cinnamon sugar, dipped in creamy dulce de leche.