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Where we are going today: ‘TNDR’ fried chicken in Jeddah

Nada Hameed

TNDR, the latest addition to Jeddah’s fast-food scene, offers mouthwatering tender fried chicken. With two drive-through locations in Rawdah and Al-Hamadaniah, TNDR promises a quick and satisfying dining experience.

The menu at TNDR is simple, focusing on what they do best: tender chicken fingers served with a variety of sauces, sodas, coleslaw salad, and, of course, fries. What sets TNDR apart is using locally sourced ingredients to create flavorful sandwiches and wraps.

One standout item on the menu is the TNDR Wrap, featuring four pieces of perfectly fried chicken, warm tortilla wrap with gooey melted cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce and garlic sauce, and fries, available in both regular and spicy.

I opted for the spicy one, the chicken was indeed very tender and crunchy, the wrap size was fair for a dinner meal, whilst what made every bite count was the warm cheddar sauce.

The second main is the TNDR Combo, a sandwich that features tender fried chicken in a fluffy bun, complemented by creamy garlic sauce, fresh lettuce, rich cheddar cheese sauce, and fries.

The logo of the brand is funky and imitates a graphic of a cool chicken standing by the order window wearing shoes. This playful design sets the tone for the fun and inviting atmosphere at TNDR.