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A book celebrates contemporary paper art through publishing works by 24 Artists

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A celebration of contemporary paper art, a new book gathers a wide-ranging collection of collages, quilled portraits, and intricately cut landscapes from 24 artists and studios around the globe. Published by Gingko PressPaperists: Infinite Possibilities in Paper Art spans 256 pages that explore the unexpected ways the medium is used today and features work from a slew of artists featured on Colossal, including Estudio Guardabosques (previously), Makerie Studio (previously), Yulia Brodskaya (previously), and Zim & Zou (previously), to name a few. Grab a copy of the forthcoming volume on Bookshop.

Pippa Dyrlaga
Makerie Studio
Left: Pippa Dyrlaga. Right: Ale Rambar
Zim & Zou
Left: Diana Beltran Herrera. Right: Sam Pierpoint
Left: Diana Beltran Herrera. Right: Sam Pierpoint
Hazel Glass

Courtesy: Colossal