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Actress Neetu Kapoor reveals she was abandoned by friends for obsessing over her kids

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MUMBAI: Veteran actress Neetu Kapoor said she was abandoned by her own friends for being a protective mother.

The mother of Ranbir Kapoor opened up about her close bond with her kids recently.

Speaking to Filmfare, she said, “I was an obsessed mother. I was so obsessed that I forgot the world for the first maybe 10 years. My friends left me, they thought I have become very boring. I had to drop them to school, pick them up… I was that crazy. I had to be home when they were there so I just didn’t meet anyone.”

Neetu also added that she loved cooking dishes for her children on their demand, “For me, to keep them happy, to give them whatever they wanted…my life had become like that. In the process, I lost a lot of friends. I reconnected, of course, later on. Now they tell me, ‘See, you had become too boring. And you were constantly talking about your kids.’’

Neetu’s daughter Riddhima recently wished her mother on Instagram in a loving note on Mother’s Day. “I am a STRONG woman because a STRONG woman raised me! Happy Mother’s Day my Iron Lady! Love you most,” she wrote.