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Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra touches on desire to shed ‘bubbly girl’ mold

F.P. Report

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra recently turned to social media and highlighted her desire to shed the mold of a ‘bubbly’ actor in favor of more versatility.

Taking to Instagram the actress penned a note detailing the ‘surreal’ moment she begins to realize her affinity with a character.

The post included a collection of stills from past shoots and read, “Sometimes a character takes you into a surreal zone, and even you don’t realise how much you are giving and doing as an actor.”

“It’s like sleeping – you don’t have any control; you wake up, and realise you’ve been lying asleep on a bed the past 8 hours. SANDEEP was that for me. I could be in a zone for 3 months and allow the actor in me to takeover. I definitely wanted people to see I am not just a “happy” girl on screen.”

“Which was probably my fault in the first place. I guess I had done the “bubbly” girl so convincingly on screen, that people started believing I was only that girl. (Weird position to be in right?) But I was not, of course not. I was just doing my job as an actor – and my job is to do everything convincingly IS IT NOT?”