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Chicken Kebab Pulao, Kebab Pav And More, 5 Delectable Recipes You Can Prepare Using Leftover Kebab

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uicy, soft and succulent, kebab is one dish that can rule over anyone’s heart with its majestic aroma and taste. From seekh kebab and shami kebab to galouti kebab and much more, there are so many different types of kebab recipes in the culinary world. And the best part is, each of these recipes spell indulgence.

However, kebab is a kind of dish that is never enough, so we often make it in large quantities which is why there’s a probability of having leftover kebabs in the refrigerator. Ever thought of making some unique yet delectable recipes by using leftover kebab? Well, we bring you a list of 5 leftover kebab recipes you must try. From chicken kebab curry and chicken kebab pulao to kebab pav, these recipes lend a peculiar yet delicious flavour to the taste buds.

Here’s a list of 5 leftover kebab recipes you must try:

1. Lahori Chicken Hareesa

Lahori chicken hareesa is also known as the sister of the famous dish Haleem. Made by using juicy chicken kebabs simmered in the luscious gravy of lentils and rice, this recipe is undoubtedly a must try! .


2. Chicken Kabab Curry

Succulent kebabs, dunked in a super spicy, aromatic gravy of onion curd and a host of other spices – this recipe is perfect for people who prefer fiery and spicy food. Pair it up with naan, mint chutney and onion rings and your delish is ready to relish. Want to know the recipe? Click here.

3. Kadai Chicken Kebab Curry

Kadai chicken lovers, raise your hands! This recipe might be your next favourite recipe. Chicken kebabs cooked along with cubed onions and capsicum cubes – they all come together in a perfect harmony to give us a lip-smacking delicacy. Here’s the recipe for you.


4. Street Style Kebab Pav

Best of both worlds, this recipe is made with buns (pav) stuffed with kebabs and a pool of other spices. Pair this fusion snack with peanut chutney and enjoy your yummy tea-time snack! Click here for the recipe.


5. Chicken Kebab Pulao

Here’s another delicious chicken kebab recipe for you. This particular dish is a combination of chicken seekh kebabs and chicken pulao. Move over regular chicken biryani and try out this unique recipe. Click here for the recipe.


Try out these exquisite recipes and let us know which one turned out to be your favourite in the comment section below.