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Covid travel tracker: Where can Americans travel right now?

WASHINGTON (NBCnews): While there’s worry over whether Covid-19 cases are on the verge of another surge, vaccinations are rising, and Americans are flying in greater numbers than they have in a year. But not every country is welcoming U.S. citizens.

NBC News is tracking travel restrictions in countries around the world. Here is what travelers need to know, as of Monday, March 29:

  • More than 70 countries, including Brazil, Haiti, Ireland and Egypt, are fully open to U.S. travelers and tourists.
  • Sixteen countries are completely closed to Americans, including France, Belgium, Iraq, Libya and New Zealand.
  • The remaining countries fall somewhere in between, with some offering exceptions for dual-citizens, residents or those with qualifying travel reasons.
  • More than 150 countries require a negative Covid-19 test from travelers.
  • More than 100 countries have some sort of quarantine requirement.
  • More than 60 countries have some sort of curfew in effect.