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Education system of Pakistan-The Flaws

Zawar Haider

The critique of the Education structure of Pakistan indicated that there has been small difference in Pakistan’s schools since 2010, when the Article 25-A enshrined education as the basic human right in the constitution. Issues of access, quality, structure and difference of opportunity, are endemic. Unfortunately no one concentrated on putting these laws into practice, and as a result, many low and middle-income families in Pakistan still lack access to quality education due to the high tuition fees charged by private institutions.

In the recent times, technology is developing at an unprecedented pace, with the development of technologies. Pakistan is still facing problems in the sector of Education and its future prospects are uncertain. We cannot afford to ignore the fact that there is a huge gap between the educational system of our country and those of other countries.

The main issues regarding the education system of Pakistan include that the current government has been unable to provide “quality” education as the syllabus being taught is 20+ years old. This concern is at the top because it is the most serious and current issue preventing the Pakistani education system from adequately educating and equipping students with practical skills.

Another dilemma among the Pakistani’s, is that there is no other respectable field other than Medical or Engineering. The majority of the students have no idea what area they should specialize in at the elementary level. It is sad that career councelling is not available in Pakistani schools or even universities. On the contrary, education is becoming more of a profitable business. Step by step, new organizations are opening not to give quality instruction yet to profit by the absence of schools by government.  There is no check and balance in both government and private sectors. There are hundreds and thousands of phantom schools the nation over that never opened in years yet a huge number of representatives are getting their pay rates each month with no yield.

Because of the defects in the training arrangement of Pakistan, and inferior quality of schooling, students can’t investigate something new and create something for the improvement of the general public since they followed just cramming(Ratta) and there was no genuine idea educated to them. In this advanced world, Instructing is viewed as the most extraordinary and significant field. It is the foundation of the Training arrangement of each country. Instructors are given a unique sort of Preparing to show understudies in a superior and well-disposed manner.

We also believe that only education can solve all the rest big issues that Pakistan is facing today. But the question is How to Improve Education System in Pakistan?

A famous quote of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah:

“Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. The world is progressing so rapidly that without requisite advance in education, not only shall we lag behind others but may be wiped out altoghter.”